👋🏻 Meet Kelly, Your AI Sexual Health Advisor in Hong Kong

Kelly - 你的AI性健康的醫生。

Ask Kelly for quick answers to any intimate sexual health-related questions without the embarrassment in-person.


Free and anonymous. 免費和匿名。

🫶 For Teenagers, Young Adults and Grown Ups


Ask Kelly any embarrasing and intimate questions that you would not have asked your parents or doctor. Kelly is powered by AI (GPT) and is constantly learning and improving as you interact with it.

  • 🆘 Where do I get emergency medicine?
  • 🙊 What to do if my boyfriend/girlfriend is pressuring me into sex?
  • 🤌 Is my penis/vagina normal?
  • 📍 Where can I get tested for STDs?
  • ⚧️ Are there gender-affirming hormone therapies in Hong Kong?
  • 💊 How much are birth control pills?
  • 🥼 Wil the doctor tell my parents if I have an STD?

🇭🇰 Meet Our Differential Diagnostic AI

Disclaimer: This AI Medical Assistant is for reference only and not a replacement for professional medical advice. Always consult healthcare professionals for personalized care. Information from this tool is not for critical health decisions. Inaccuracies may occur. In emergencies, contact local services. Consult professionals before making health decisions based on this tool.

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